this site is not currently on google; this signifies that i must pack my bags and move back to  google owns me, and the world, it seems.

but, because i don't feel like being owned by google, you may continue stalking me @

oh, also, Weebly has a terrible interface. i would not recommend it - even if they paid me.

Fun is a term used to describe a quality of an object or action if the object or action evokes the emotion of happiness or positive anticipation in a human being.


the First ever and Last "Running Through Random Blogs" Series!

be a humanitarian! -

these are Bloggers sites!
by clicking on "next blog," we get these types of blogs:

non-english blogs - 10
selling yucky stuff- 1
others (unclear what the topic really is) - 5
clear blogs - these 5,
  3d model -
  they're building a house! -
  clubbing -
  photo -

what was surprising was the number of non-english blogs

i can't tell what these sites are about:

the world moves you, not the other way around -

99% of blogs suck. i'm glad im in the top 1%


i designed a game right now that hasn't been playtested or balanced xD:

game name: Humanitarian Aid

*objective: To earn the most humanitarian stars and become the #1 humanitarian
*players: 4
*materials: one standard 52-card deck of playing cards (with Jokers removed) for each player
*setup: on the first turn, each player draws 7 cards
*game progression:
1 draw phase - each turn after the first, going counter-clockwise, each player draws 3 card
2 switch phase – players may put any card at the bottom of their deck, and draw another, one per turn
3 placement phase – black cards represent wounded soliders, players take turns placing up to 3 solider cards on the hospital bed (table)
4 healing phase – red cards represent nurses, players take turns healing the soliders w/ up to 3 nurse cards (only soldiers that are not yours)
-how healings works: number (or picture) of nurse card matches number (or picture) of solider card
-note: The number on the card represents the number of soliders, for black cards, or nurses, for red cards
5 reward phase - humanitarian star: each match earns 2 humanitarian star for the player who did the healing, and 1 humanitarian star for the player being healed. Bonus for cards matched w/ pictures (queen, king, jack), 4/2 instead of 2/1
6 ending phase - both solider and nurse cards are placed at the bottom of their respective decks
*winning conditions: The players set the max stars, and when that is reach, you found the #1 humanitarian. Everyone is considered a winner =D


#1 Purpose - check, to summarize remotely interesting things on the Web.
#2 Comments - check, don't spam me pls
#3 Subscribe - check, rss feed online
#4 About page - check, "Humanitarian Mission" on the right column
#5 Visual Aid - check, substituting in concise speaking
#6 Cut to the chase - check, done
#7 Subheadings - check, they are the titles
#8 Links - check, so i know temporarily that they exist on the Web
#9 Stunning Headlines - check, "War has ENDED!!"
#10 Categorical Archive - needs improvement
#11 Related Posts - needs improvement
#12 Contact - check, under "Humanitarian Mission" on the right column
#13 Honest - check, where is honestly on the Web?
#14 Silence - directly conflicts w/ #13
#15 Popular Posts - needs improvement
#16 Sitemap - needs improvement
#17 URL location - check, iambinary
#18 Recent Posts - needs improvement
#19 Top Commentators - needs improvement
#20 Frequent Postings - check, completely dependent on "remotely interesting things" =D—-condensed-from-dozens-of-bloggers-experiences/

So Why Weebly? 07/19/2009

*zero arbitrary bandwidth restrictions or storage caps
*no ads
-but weebly doesn't have a decent stats system

i'll miss the fishies @

Slow Start! 07/19/2009

*weebly seems to have technical incompatiabities w/ the browser
*weebly's "pro" icons everywhere is unusually distracting